Q) Why Domus?

A) We have 17 years experience of custom installations in smart technologies in Singapore. We offer professional advice on personalised solutions for our customers based on our experience of what works well for our clients.


Q) How do we define Smart Home Systems?

A) 4 Categories – Automation & Control, Entertainment, Lighting Control and Security & Surveillance.


Q) How do I learn about any new products that are yet to be released in the market?

A) We offer regular email news updates on smart technologies to our customers. Clients who opt out of these updates can check our Facebook page for news at a time of their choice.


Q) How do I activate my warranty?

A) Upon installation, please visit the manufacturer’s website to register your warranty.


Q) How long is the standard warranty for Domus package solutions?

A) The standard warranty is 1 year service only. Replacement parts and addition of new devices are not included.


Q) Is there a refund period if I do not wish to continue using the product?

A) We regret to inform that we do not offer a refund for any products that have been installed. However do contact us to see if we can solve the issue for you.


Q) What are the consultation hours?

A) Consultation hours are as follows:

Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm

Saturday from 9am to 12noon


Q) Does Domus have a physical store or showroom?

A) We are located at:

22 Sin Ming Lane, #02-74 Midview City, Singapore 573969

Visit us anytime during office hours or contact us at +65 6238 1711 for an appointment.


Q) My device is faulty.

A) During the warranty period, if the product is part of our package, customers can call us to enquire or request for an onsite servicing without charges (limited to two trips). Else if it is an individual product purchase, clients are advised to call the respective brand help desk for support.

If the warranty period has expired, procedure is similar but there will be charges for onsite servicing. Our onsite servicing rate is $250 for the first hour and $100 for each subsequent hour.

If client is unsure about the problem, do contact us and enquire. We will gladly advise clients on the procedures which may solve the problem.


Q) Can I monitor my home system when I’m overseas?

A) Yes, using any internet connection.


Q) If I buy an individual product, can I request service from Domus?

A) Yes, you have the option to purchase our service.


Q) How can I better enjoy music?

A) Music can be enjoyed on the go or in bigger spaces with no restrictions. We have a variety of products to enhance your quality of music where you like.


Q) How do I delete items in my cart?

A) You can go to your cart page and press on the cross for the unwanted product.


Simply set the quantity to 0 for the unwanted product and update your cart.


Q) How do I know which package should I purchase for my home?

A) Domus have three packages which guides you to the solution for your home. Depending on how many rooms you have in your house, you can easily decide which package is suitable for you.


Q)  What benefits will I have if I purchase the package?

A) The packages are specially made for homes of different sizes. Our packages include on-site and off-site services and also have a discount compared to buying all products individually.


Q) If I buy the starter package, can I integrate with other brands’ products?

A) It is a standalone kit whereby you have to purchase the same brand products to integrate with your existing Smart Home.

Alternatively, Domus can offer a trade-in deal on your Starter Package if you purchase our value or premium package. This is subject to checking the condition of the products.


Q) Why should I buy the value or premium package rather than starter package?

A) One of the main benefits of purchasing the value or premium package is that open platform utilise international standards and easily integrate with almost any other brands.

The starter package consists of closed platform products. These are reliable solution based on a closed proprietary system. The manufacturer is expected to provide free software updates from time to time but the package is only likely to be compatible with device from its own brand.

If you want more flexibility to pick and mix your devices to make a smarter home, the value/premium package would be the better choice. These packages offer a wider variety of functions and more upgradable products from different brands. The use of open standards should mean there are no problems with inter-operability and it will be easier to upgrade individual devices over time.

Domus will be very pleased to discuss your requirements and preferences. We can give expert, professional advice on the package that is best for you and your home.


Q) What is the difference between all packages?

A) Basically the starter package consist of closed platform products whereas Value and Premium packages consist of open platform products. The bigger and better the package, the more products and benefits you will have.

One example of the difference is our value and premium packages contain of Voice Control which the starter package does not have. Voice Control can be configured to do many things in your smart home without any physical contact, for example using your phone.

Depending on customer preference on how you want your smart home to be, Domus provides a solution for you:

Starter package – Ideal for studio and 1-bedroom apartment

Value package – Ideal for 2-3 bedroom apartments

Premium package – Ideal for 4 & more bedroom homes

The main difference between value and premium package is that the premium contains an additional Sonos speaker to provide high quality audio, a light-strip that can be used to light up your home walkway, a standalone bulb and a tap switch which can be programmed in smart homes with many functionalities.

We have designed these packages based on our experience of what customers are most likely to find useful.

Q) Can I purchase packages if I’m not in Singapore?

A) No, package solutions are only available to clients living in Singapore.


Q) Does installation come with the items I bought through the website?

A) Purchase of individual items does not include installation services, however, you can purchase our service blocs and we will gladly be onsite to install the item for you.


Q) How much is the shipping fee if I were to order online?

A) Shipping/delivery fee will be calculated during the purchase based on your location and purchase.

Q) What are the Payment Options available?

A) We use Smoovpay as the payment gateway which accepts MasterCard and Visa. We accept direct bank transfer to our company account as well (kindly contact us on this mode of payment).

Q) How long will the delivery take?

A) Local delivery will normally take about five (5) working days. If you have indicated that you want to collect the items from our showroom/office, we will let you know when your order is ready for collection and it will be held for up to seven (7) working days.


Q) How long does the battery last on my device?

A) Typically last for around 3 to 6 months; depends a lot on frequency of usage.


Q) My system doesn’t work anymore

A) Check if there is power to the hubs, check if battery still has power, check for internet connectivity, else give our hotline a call.


Q) Will the system continue working if there is a power cut?

A) Yes, the hub comes with 4 AA batteries. Once installed, these act as a battery backup that is expected to last up to 10 hours; however not all devices will work properly as they will require internet connection.


Q) Where do I find the product model number/code?

A) The product’s model number should be at the back of the device.


Q) Will any of these products affect the Wi-Fi strength in my house?

A) To a certain extent yes, Products that use ZigBee 2.4Ghz might experience interference as it operates at 2.4Ghz. Products that use Z-Wave operates on 900Mhz, therefore will not experience interference.

Q) How many colours can Philips Hue create?

A) You can set hue to any color in the spectrum. Grey, black or brown doesn’t work that well with hue. After all, it is a light, so it recreates colors that are made with light.


Q) Are Phillips Hue bulbs compatible with dimmers?

A) No, Hue bulbs are NOT compatible with third party dimmers, please remove (wall or cord) dimmers between mains and Hue Bulbs or use the Hue bulbs where no dimmers are used. A dimmer will impact the lamp performance and lifetime in a negative way.


Q) Is the Phillips Hue Light strip water proof?

A) No, however the Hue light strip can be placed in humid areas, avoiding direct water sprays.

Q) What can Domus provide in Security?

A) Three main sub categories of security are Intrusion, Surveillance and Access.

Domus design good solutions which uses the following:

  • Contact sensors
  • presence sensors
  • motion sensors
  • smart cameras

to enhance security.

We want our clients to have peace of mind when away from home, keeping your home safe and notify you of any unusual activities. A very good example is smart camera; you are able to view your home anytime and anywhere.

Also to implement a variety of sensors which protects your home while you’re away, always making sure that you will be updated about your home status.


Q) Can most smart cameras be viewed on your app?

A) Yes, you can monitor your home/office by using mobile apps.


Q) Do I have to disarm contact sensor when I arrived home? Assuming it is armed.

A) Yes, to avoid alarm activation if there is any installed or false intrusion notification to your smart app.


Q) How does (a)motion sensor or (b)contact sensor work?

A) (a)The motion sensor functions based on motion and time.

Configurable to trigger lights, air-condition etc.


When you’re at home, activated sensor will trigger the lights to switch on.

During 1-3pm, sensor can be configured to switch on the fan when motion detected.

    (b)Contact sensor usually used for access points (door, window, cabinet).


If the contact sensor is triggered, it sends you a notification to your app that there is intrusion. Additionally, we can program it to sound off an alarm.

Q) What should I do to change my audio system to be smart home compatible?

A) Domus recommend Sonos Play series which can integrate with applications such as Spotify, Rdio, Tune-in etc. All the Play series speakers work seamlessly with our smart home products.