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Lighting Design Services

No matter what kind of home do you live in, the quality of lighting can have a big impact on your home. With proper planning and a good lighting design, we can ensure that your home is lit optimally, the way you want it.

Able to impact the look and feel of your house, we consider the best lighting placements as well as reduce energy consumption, which leads to saved costs. At Domus, we understand the importance of light and whether you want your home to be brightly lit or if you want a cozy look and feel, our experienced team will be able to provide the best lighting design for you.

With over 2 decades of credentials and experience servicing clients in Singapore, our creative team of light designers will be able to deliver innovative designs customized to your needs. We offer fully tailored services with a full suite of lighting capabilities, including but not limited to interior, exterior, and daylight designs.

Our process consists of the concept design, planning, specifications lighting quotation, product recommendation, onsite supervision and inspection, and finally testing and commissioning.