Domus takes security seriously; our Domus Smart Security and Surveillance solution allows you to keep an eye on the people and places you love even when you are not physically there.


Activities In Your Home

Our Domus solutions make it easy for you to view what is happening at home with the use of smart HD cameras. High-quality zoom/pan/tilt HD cameras lets you watch over what you love from every angle, indoors and outdoors, day and night.


For Unexpected Events

Our Domus solutions allow you to get an instant alert when motion is detected at home or an intrusion by your back door, and you can check your camera feed to see what’s going on.


Locks and Door Bells

View who is on your front door and lock or unlock the front door over your smartphone. Know who just entered your home via event-based text, video or photo notifications. You can now manage access through user codes, such as babysitter, house cleaner or your regular grocerer delivering you groceries.


Emergency Panic Buttons

Panic Buttons can be deployed in various parts of the house in case of emergencies for children and elderly. When triggered, lights can come on and flash brightly; a installed siren can be sounded. At the same time, an automatic call can be made to your emergency contact.

Set your Home on Automation going on a long holiday, set your lights to mimic your usual patterns to appear as if you are at home. You can even turn on/off your TV to be more convincing in order to discourage burglars.


  • Take a closer look at your places and spaces by Pinch/Zoom/Pan/Tilt

  • Motion detection feature

  • Scheduling to record at specific times with simple schedules

  • View your camera(s) remotely on almost any device

  • Protect your home 24/7

  • Add more connected locks and smart cameras to enhance your setup