Our approach to creating a smart home

At Domus, our approach is to first listen to your requirements and design the home that will enhance your experience, customised to your way of living. By doing so we can ensure that we use the right range of compatible products to deliver exactly to the agreed requirements.

Design solutions are available whether you are in the process of furnishing your new house or wish to upgrade your current home to a smart home. Regardless of a new build or existing home conversion, the following two approaches may be implemented on a stand-alone basis or co-implemented as a hybrid.

New Build


Custom Installation



Internet of Things


Smart home functionality controls are hard-wired to your lifestyle needs and floor plan layout of your home.

Before implementing CI, it is important that we carefully analyse the your way of living, movement around the house. A CI smart home system is highly integrated to enhance your home experience with controls that is always accessible to you with or without your smart phone.

Smart home functionality is managed wirelessly, via Wi-Fi connectivity.

We carefully choose compatible products from a wide selection of brands in the market based on your lifestyle needs and requirements.


Suitable for New Build / Construction

CI is recommended for a new house or apartment build because hardwiring your home is easier due to accessibility concurrently during your build. The result is an elegant smart home as all cables will be nicely hidden or tucked away.


Fully Furnished home / Retrofit

IoT is advantageous to existing homes as no hardwiring is needed. Some products will require new, exposed power cables.


Advance Integration

Functionality controls are carefully planned and placed at strategic locations for fingertips accessibility without any need for Wi-Fi connection. Wireless connection and control can also be implemented if required for added accessibility including out of home access, via your smart phone or tablet.


Predominantly Wireless, Plug & Play

As IoT connectivity is heavily dependent on Wi-Fi connection, your home Wi-Fi system should be upgraded to cover all corners before implementation.


More Stable

A CI wired smart home ecosystem will always work without the worry of Wi-Fi connectivity failure and without relying on network providers.


Less Stable

As Wi-Fi is used, it is important to use expert such as ourselves to minimise the risk of connection failures when the Wi-Fi setup is not optimal. Dead zones in the house and jammed channel frequencies by other devices such as laptop or TV may otherwise disrupt and interfere with your smart home controls.



Functionality on each control panel may be easily re-programmed or upgraded with added functionalities for a subsequent lifestyle change.



Smart home brands in the market are continuously launching new products with advanced technology in functionality, connectivity and ease-of-use, which makes scalability or upgrades almost effortless, although it is desirable to use experts such as Domus to minimise compatibility issues.

Whether choosing IoT, CI, or both as a hybrid, a smart home ecosystem contains four main elements:

Water Heater
Air Conditioner
Integrated Control System
Lighting Control System + Automation
Audio Video Distribution System
Home Theatre by Design


Control System + Automation

(LCS + A)

Set your home experience with just a touch for mood lighting, window blinds, air-conditioner, water heater & other home apparatus

Audio Video

Distribution System


Distribute your favourite music & movies to any room or areas you desire

Home Theatre

by Design

(HT by Design)

Have your perfect mix-&-match of audio & video equipment for your ideal entertainment experience


Control System


Full integration of LCS + A, AVDS, HT by Design and security controls, etc.

More than
years of experience

in implementing smart homes and smart commercial establishments with highly trained professionals.

Our proven process philosophy:


Consultation & Design

We will listen and understand your lifestyle demands, study your house or apartment floor plan and layout, list and confirm your user requirements prior to creating the plans for your smart home ecosystem design.

Design takes into key considerations each type of apparatus functionality control, how you would use them, frequency and strategic location of usage.

Project Management

We will develop the specification for each functionality and work with yourself or your other appointed professionals (e.g. architects, interior designers and builders) as a cohesive team to realise your smart home.


We have a team of qualified and experienced project managers, installation engineers, programmers and other specialist support staff ready to ensure your project is delivered with the quality, care and attention to detail you expect.

Support & Manage

Most of our smart home solutions work perfectly and require very little follow up, but technology can sometimes require updating, and occasionally equipment has to be repaired or replaced. We provide an initial warranty period and offer subsequent aftercare and support for your smart home technology to ensure everything is kept running smoothly.

Review & Improve

Technology never ceases to advance though we design all our systems to be as future-proof as possible. We continuously review our customers’ smart home systems and will offer suggestions to improve and enhance in the light of technology developments.